Premiere: September 17, 2006; in the premises of TFP; the script was read twice in an intimate space (Howrah, West Bengal, India).



Prepared by Theatre Formation Paribartak being inspired by the play Godot Waits fo Homeland Security written by Martin Kimeldorf in 2003. TFP's script is in Bengali. The Bengali word "Anusaran" means "Follow". The duration of the theatre is 45 minutes.



This theatre is best in Intimate Space and in Proscenium.



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In 2009, it clinched the awards of the 1st Best Production, Best Actor and Best Co-Actor in a District level One-Act Bengali Drama competition. In the same year, it won the award of the 2nd Best Production in another competition. Later, it was no more taken to any other competition. To see the complete list of awards, click here.



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In 2003, Martin Kimeldorf wrote the play Godot Waits for Homeland Security. Theatre Formation Paribartak showed interest to perform it. In the next three years, TFP presented this theater in two occasions in original. From the very beginning, Mr. Kimeldorf was inspiring TFP to redesign the script as per the needs and issues of its regular audience. So, in 2006, TFP prepared the script Anusaran in Bengali taking threads from the play Godot Waits for Homeland Security. 'Anusaran' means 'Following'. The script written by Theatre Formation Paribartak differs majorly from what Martin Kimeldorf wrote as Godot Waits fo Homeland Security, but both of them cover more or less the same issues and express the same ideas in more or less the same manner. The script of Anusaran is based on current affairs in the present world order. So, the script is updated frequently.